Sunday, 1 April 2012


I had a sudden epiphany last night! I was reading Harry Potter 3 while thinking over my question, 'why am I so desperate to continue reading?' even when I've read the book many times before..
and then I realised...I just realised..
the way she does it is by keeping us (the readers) on our toes. There is always a sense of expectation...something is always about to happen!
Okay, granted, this hasn't answered my question: 'why are they so brilliant?' but it's helped me work out how to turn a page!
At the end of every chapter, J.K, whether she realised it or not, either left us on a cliff-hanger or left us with a sense that the episode hasn't yet finished. And somehow, she's done this for every page! I found myself constantly wanting to turn pages!
So, I will continue reading HP until I work out why they are so brilliant.
What is it about them that makes them so utterly believable?

I've started reading another book simultaneously. It's called The Magician's Guild and is by Trudi Canavan. Now I have a new question in mine.
'Why are these books such a slog?', 'Why are they so bad?'
I know this sounds like a relatively harsh criticism, but, the are truly terrible!
Badly written, badly explained... I mean, I care a bit - but only a bit - for the characters, but they can be so boring!
Cannavan has altered names that we recognise to a different spelling and a different pronounciation and has added in new names. She has also changed names of things like 'spiders' in 'faren'. (Now that just complicated things!)
For some reasons, this irritates me to no end! But I'm not going to say she shouldn't have done this until I work out whether I'm just quickly irritated or whether others have had the same reaction.
Although it is dreadful, I will slog through it...I want to know why it is so bad.
So, if anyone reading this has read them, please post with your opinions on the series.
For me, I start to think, if this can be published...anything can! My that might just be me...
M x

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