Monday, 23 April 2012

I find beauty in....

This post is dedicated to The Lightning and the Lightning-Bug-, a blog designed for writers.
They have asked us to explain what we find beauty in.
Now, I could say sunsets, the stars, laughing children and all the most typical things...
but, I find beauty in The Wild. Not just, the woods, the animals, the pretty flowers - I mean in Wildness.
In The Hunger Games, I found beauty in Katniss' incredible hunting skill, and in the dream that I could ever do the same. To others, hunting may not seem beautiful because of the blood and the death, but its not that aspect of it that I look at!
It's the human drive to stay alive, no matter the cost. The courage we have within us that we, in this day and age, don't really ever meet or even glimpse.
In the actual games themselves, I found beauty in the natural instincts that can be found in such a situation.
It makes me want to see and feel it for myself! Sounds strange, I know, to say I want to be in such a situation, but the beauty I see is not the sheer danger or adrenaline, it's the natural and wild side of humanity that rarely seems to be exercised. This is what I want to see and feel.
I hope this makes sense!
(My next A-Z post will come later today.)
M. x


  1. Seeing beauty in something that is a natural instinct is commendable. So many people see it in contrived I applaud you for sharing this.
    Came from the LALB linkup!

  2. Wow. Great interpretation. I never would have thought of "wildness" that way but it's true. There is beauty in strength and courage and human WILL.

    Absolutely. Great post!

    1. Thanks :) It's nice to hear some compliments on my posts now and then :)
      M. x

  3. I am a huge believer in instinct. I think we all have it, but not all our wise enough to trust it. It is a beautiful gift, I agree.