Saturday, 28 April 2012


So, with the A-Z in the past, it's time for me to get down to some proper work. Now, I have to admit, I haven't got enough time to properly get down to it, so I'm going to write only 1-2 posts a week. That may, at any rate, give me something to write about!

Last night, I went out to my friends 18th birthday. I usually sit at home waiting to read my favourite blog posts on the A-Z and so on, facebook, even going out with loads of friends was a really nice change! I even made some new friends!
So with that happening, I didn't manage to catch up on my online life (with my phone out of battery as well...) but I have now. In the future, there will be a lot of these things getting in the way.
For example, I was going to go to a quite study room to check up on this part of me, and, instead, readers, guess what I met!!!
The one and only Esther Rantzen!

Yep! I was asked to tour the founder of childline, television presenter, helper of the Burma Campaign UK...THE Esther Rantzen. And she is really lovely! Incredibly posh voice that, even I - with my typical southern English accent - found hard to understand occasionally. I was asked by the headmaster of my school to show her round before a talk she was doing in the evening. I wasn't even going to the talk - I was going to my friends 18th (the one I just mentioned).

So, I'm afraid, my incredibly star-studded life is just too much of a distraction from this blog!
I'm kidding. This blog is always more important than any famous people I happen to bump into here and there. I don't have a remotely star studded life (though my mum's best friend is the Auntie of Will Young!).
Okay, I'm going to stop bragging about my non-existent celebrity life and get back to the real point of this post.
So. From now on, I will talk about life, the universe and everything that gets in the way and contributes to my novel, those things that inspire me and irritate me, those trivial bits of life that people probably don't care about, but I will say anyway.
Hope you enjoy!!
P.S. I'm feeling very mainstream at the moment, which is very unusual for me - I'm obsessed with the new N1 song in the charts!! Weird, huh?! It's Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson. Listen to it. It's SO cute!

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