Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ideas are gathering!
I thought I'd put them down and inform any readers that this is starting to role!
Right. Another world. Magic. Politics...a chase...more than one story at a time...
okay, so it's not many ideas...but it's a start! 
I'm getting through the Harry Potters really quickly, nearly at the end of the second... I find them very easy to read as I know them so well already.
(Little mention about my personal life: I'm going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Summer! I'm so excited! It will be like entering the world of Harry Potter because I'll recognise it all! Or maybe it will feel as if I have been there all along? Well, any way. This is a HUGE excitement :D )
I'll update you with any more book ideas on the way...and any opinions on the books I'm reading..
sorry these blogs aren't very exciting at the moment. There's not really anything to say about Harry Potter.. except that they're brilliant!
But next is The Hunger Games which I recently bought. (Thanks Ricmisc for suggesting them!) I am determined to read all three books before I watch the films!
M x

Friday, 30 March 2012

Hi guys,
sorry I haven't posted much, have been busy with my A Level Coursework etc. But I now have a 3 week Easter holiday in which I can blog to no end!

           Caught up with my 10 year old brother and told him all about this blog :)

           I went to go see him in Alladin the musical for juniours... most dreadful play I have EVER scene, but hilarious because it was so abismal! He played narrator 4 (out of 5)..though it wasn't very obvious which narrator was which number! It meant that he got the limelight of the stage for a whole 10 LINES! Aww, he's so sweet!

             Anywho, when this Novel starts to get on its feet, he will be helping majorly with the illustrations (though we're not sure about which age group we want to set the novel to yet) as he is brilliant at creating characters on odd bits of paper. He is also going to write snippets of the book for me (I've always loved his you've probably worked out, he's one of those kids who's so intelligent, it's actually quite demoralizing at times)...

            so, basically, to sum up this little post, I will be writing this book and doing the project and the whole shebang, "with a little help from my" :) (quite proud of that little Beatles quote!)
We're already starting to gather ideas...
but I mustn't get ahead of myself! Research comes first!
M x

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Should be finished with the first HP by the end of this week!
I was talking to a local librarian today about this very subject.
Her advice was:
- decide a specific age group
- don't over-complicate it
- Make it believable in its weird, fantastical, unrealistic way...
- Understand that, by using illustrations, the readers will all have the same images in their mind.
What else was there?
Oh, yes! Either write it relatively well (like the HP books) and (hopefully) gain the younger/teenage attention, or do it properly and write it well with the risk of having few readers.
I mean, how many people have actually read LODR? I don't know anyone who has (except for my super brainy little brother). It's too wordy! And all those words are just for description! There's no Hardy-like wordyness (is that a word?) to it in which every word is important to the characters/story, so it gets boring.
My aim has always been to prove that the fantasy genre can be classed as literature, however, if it's boring...well, then, what's the point of an adventure story??
To any readers out there, what do you think of a double story line? (e.g. following Frodo, Sam and Gollum in the 3rd LODR and then cutting back to Aragorn etc.) You know what I mean.. two different characters...
Does it work? Is it annoying? Does it grip you? Should I use it?

Monday, 26 March 2012

would like to tell any readers on here about a general life blog I write on another site. If you're interested, take a look at :

I'm not sure if this link works.... if not, do please mention it!
My name is exodus238 on it if you have to search for me.

Harry Potter
Reading the first one for the millionth time.
However, this time I've realised that the book is fitted for an eleven year old (the age of Harry at the time) so perhaps they continue this theme? I certainly don't remember the last book having such simplistic language...

What do you guys think of the 1st?
Why does it grip you? *Thinking face*...

To readers (if I have any),
I am going to start my project my reading other fantasy novels.
How am I to know what makes a good fantasy novel if I have never read one?
(well, this is a lie. I have read many, but never with this thought in mind!)

1) Harry Potter
Oh, what a classic!
But how is it a classic?
I will find out........
ciao for now. x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

I got the inspiration to start a blog from watching the film Julie and Julia.
I decided it was time I did a big project for myself.
So I'm going to write a fantasy novel and post my traumas/excitements along the way.
Who knows what will happen?
Who knows if anyone will actually care?
I certainly don't. But I thought I might as well try.
So here it is.
I am starting.