Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Yesterday, I searched the bookshelves in my bedroom and pulled out the ones that may help me with my novel. I cleared a space in my book shelves for these and resolved to go to the bookshelves in the living room to look for a few more.
A few more a bit of an understatement...

Friday, 22 June 2012

A Few Questions

Now that I am able to write whenever I want, a few questions seem to have started to pop up.
For instance, should I write the chapters in chronological order? Or will it just get boring like that? Should I, then, write random ones here and there and fit them together later?
Should I write it in past or present tense?
Should I write it in "I did this" or "she did this"?
It feels like these questions are coming up just to pause me. For some reason, I feel hesitant to start.
I always want to make chapters perfect the first time I write them, which is hugely problematic for me because I, therefore, never get anywhere.
Oh dear. This has not gone well so far.
M. x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

When You Comment, I smile!

Yes, It's true. When you comment., I smile!
When you comment, I feel remembered.
And when I feel remembered, I feel motivated.
And motivation is what I need at the moment!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Let's start!

I have officially finished my A Level exams! My life starts now!

My little brother and I have already started developing some ghost plots and family trees. I will be dedicated. I will not sit back and relax, I will write a novel and (hopefully) become a published author like I have dreamed to do since I was 6!
My life is in my hands now, so I can write, write write, to my hearts content!
M. x

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Time Is Just Around The Corner!

The time for my writing race to begin is just around the corner!
Okay, I say race when I know it isn't.
What I really mean is 'writing frenzy'.
I have a very busy summer organised, in which my laptop and all my files for this novel project will come with and the creation of my novel will be fully under way!
I have been so desperate to write over the last few months, it has been infuriating to know that my exams are more important!
I have booked a week in Glasgow, visiting some family friends and their new child.
The Father, (whom we call Big T as he has the same name as my twin, T), is an English Professor in a university in Glasgow and is madly passionate about English - as am I.
My various expeditions happening throughout summer will hopefully give me some new material, ideas, knowledge and experiences which we help my think outside the book and develop the novel that much further.
My summer includes a day tour of the Harry Potter Studios!, watching T run with the Olympic flame!, going to Hop Farm Music Festival and watching BOB DYLAN live! (I am a HUGE fan of his!), going to 6 debates/philosophical talks on one weekend, kayaking down the river Wye with my Dad, going on our annual fishing holiday in Wales, going somewhere in Europe with my mum and C, - my older brother who is in the - army - and having a huge charity music festival in the village in which I live! I think that just about leaves me with around 3 weeks (not in a row at all!) to hang at home and see friends.

As my chance to write inches ever closer, my mind and imagination seems to spark into life.
But I mustn't explode onto the paper yet!
I must focus on exams first! :(
To all those others taking exams out there, I wish you bonne chance, good luck!
I will see this blog again very soon after the 18th of June!
M. x
P. S. I just had a look at some of my first posts and I have realised how far I have come! My posts are so much better now!
And that is all down to my readers and fellow bloggers, for teaching me how to do it!
:D M. x

Sunday, 3 June 2012

New Blog!

This will probably be my shortest post ever!
Just giving a shout-out to my new diary blog.
Here's the link:
M. x
P.S. Vote on my poll about what is the best fantasy novel.
I'm V. interested to see the results! :D

From Naivety To The Other Side Of The World

For the Lightning and The Lightning Bug:

Shalo is a busy county, surrounded by prejudices and is despised by all elsewhere on the island of Kendra. It is a city purely run by humans. The poor are treated like dirt and the rich are endlessly privileged while other creatures and races from around the world are frowned upon. Here is a tale in which magic is an ancient mystery - an ability created by genes. This tale is a physical and mental journey from naivety to the other side of the world. An adventure-filled and characteristic novel about growing up, friendship and the homeland. A young girl, Malina, is banished from Shalo, the tightly enclosed land in which she grew up and discovers a whole new world of adventure. With a logical mind, she manages to find her way through seemingly impossible circumstances and develops strength and determination. Upon discovering a new homeland, she decides and manages to fight for its safety, while facing difficult trials of her own. A dark force searches for her in revenge for the past, an unknown reputation of hers is discovered, making her circumstances all the more difficult and, eventually overcome with troubles, she is forced into hiding in the mountains with an ex-oracle and a renowned outlaw. Here, she discovers her full magical abilities and develops it through mind-control and deep intellectual study. While she is safely tucked away inside the mountains, discovering the mysteries of the universe, the dark force grows in strength and power, only one sea away.

(250 words)