A Strange Rant In Which I Tried To Introduce Myself.

I took ages to name this page. I was going to call it All About Me, but I became paranoid that it made me look self-centered. So I called it A Strange Rant In Which I Tried To Introduce Myself instead because I felt it really summed up what this page was about...

Okay, who am I?
Well, this is me. My hair is much shorter now, but I can't find any other presentable pictures of me...
I live in the middle of nowhere in the south-east of England. I have the most typical English accent and am the most British person there is, being part Irish, Scottish, Welsh and mostly English.
I am 18 and studying my A Levels. This blog is a way of getting away from it all, along with the gym.
On here, I attempt to talk about by strange project idea to write a fantasy novel in only my gap year. (I guess I'm just worried that my lack of money for travelling will leave me bored and annoyed with myself and my life for most of a year.) I'm doing research first, getting inspiration and, of course,creating my plot/characters/themes/what ever else a novel needs.
But that's about my blog, not me! I'm going off on a bit of a tangent here!
Okay, so...me: I like to feel I have a secret online life so I call myself M. x, even when my full name is in my email address below - but you probably worked that out...maybe I should get a different email address for this blog?...Meh, way to much hassle. Anyways, I'm studying English Lit, Philosophy and Performing Arts at A Level and I'm hoping to get into some sort of University at some point to do a joint degree in English and...something...I'm not entirely chosen about that something yet...I was going to do it with Philosophy but then I realised I'm not J.S. Mill. Yes, I know, I am too late to change my mind so I'm going to decide what to do about this tricky situation once I have my results... I've been surprisingly relaxed about the whole thing which is so not me! I like it! :) So there's a little bit of my background!

Email: Maddyjglenn@gmail.com
Pottermore: SickleRiver26343
Other Blog: http://www.online-literature.com/forums/member.php?u=77775 (warning: I'm barely ever on it! blogspot is a hundred times better!)

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