Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Chapter For You To Read

I got started on Chapter 11 today. This means that I am chapters away from ending the first part.
Yes, we've split the whole thing in 3 parts.
I not really sure how many chapters will be in each part.
They are logical breaks because they are at the points of the stories when everything gets turned on its head all over again!
Seeing as I've published some of it on Wattpad, I thought I'd publish some on here. Seems only fair!
So what I'm going to give you in this post is the first chapter. 
We spent bloody ages on this! (would love some feedback!)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

2nd Prize In A Short Story Contest!

I am really happy to announce that I came 2nd place in the Wattpad short story contest (I posted the story up on here a few weeks ago).
It makes me feel like I might actually be able to get somewhere with my writing!
I've been compiling short stories for a while, most of which I originally wrote on here, and I'm planning to try and publish a group of 10 short stories :)
I think I have 5 so far...
While Wattpadding and blogging and writing short stories (and poems - I have put a group of 10 into a competition!), I have also been writing Homeland. (HA! I just miss-typed it by accident and it came out at gnomeland! Made me chuckle...I could actually make something out of that! A whole planet of gnomes with a king gnome called gnomlet and a princes gnome called gnomalessa...okay...maybe I'm getting a bit carried away...)
So Ben and I have now planned the 3 books (the first in meticulous detail - almost chapter by chapter...the others are just general outlines and plots). I want everything to be perfectly planned before we publish and, I know that's a while off, but it's something important we have to think about now because planning 3 books in meticulous detail doesn't exactly happen overnight, let-alone seven! (I bow down to you J.K. Rowling!)
So the planning still goes on.
And I know it's probably boring for you to read about planning but hey, that's what happens when someone writes a book!
So far, we have written up to 9 chapters.
Recently, we have been going back to old chapters and adding in different POV's - like Shalo's Mayor and a mysterious bird that I cannot spill the details about...
Finally, the story seems to be getting a bit more epic! I really want it to be epic (like Potter or LOTR) because I set myself ridiculously high goals (like a typical Virgo!).
And so it will be epic and it is finally in view of almost epicness...there is always room for improvement though!
M. x

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Ben is here!

Hey people,
remember my co-author Ben? He's here to talk to you :D

Friday, 12 October 2012


I'm sorry I've been away for a while! But, in truth, nothing much has happened in my life recently. The book is trudging a long instead of sprinting which I originally hope it would! I just don't understand! When I started it, it seemed like so much fun creating this new realm and all! But it seems a little silly now. I kind of feel childish when I write it! This is my boring adult side trying to take over and rule, I know, so I must fight it! It's always good to be slightly childish! I do suddenly feel like an adult though. I've had a year and a 1/4 of being an adult and only now am I feeling the change. Well. Everyone grows at different speeds!
Anyways, recently I've been on this website called Wattpad:
Wattpad is this amazing site that lets you publish what ever you've written for free and get it known to the other Wattpadders. And there are A LOT of Wattpadders! (I have the link to my Wattpad page on this edge of this page. It's a small orange box).
So I've been publishing my stuff on there. (There are three (four?) chapters of Homeland - yes! The Fantasy Novel documented in this blog - on there! Though they will probably be changed a lot in the future as new ideas are forming...)
Anywho, in my searches for good things to read on Wattpad (which, I admit, can be quite daunting with all that 1 Directions fan fics out there) I have come across some real jems!
If you could possibly take the time out of your wonderful day, please take a look at this:
It's up for a special Wattpad award and deserves to win!
It is incredibly well written, is only 4 pages long and really makes you think about the subtle and strange occurrences that happen throughout life. It's lovely. I've read it quite a few times now!
I've also found someones poetry that I've totally fallen for. They are written so well!
especially this one!: http://www.wattpad.com/7642144-autumn%27s-song

Anyways, there's a lot of my stuff on my page as well so do take a look if you really can be assed. And if you can, I will love you forever! :) x
And novel news: I have decided to use more than one point of view. So the chapters will be skipping to different people occasionally - just to jazz it up a little and leave some cliffhangers! (This is the reason why I haven't published more on Wattpad. I know there is more to come that will change what has been already written).
M. x

Monday, 8 October 2012

Snapshots - Short Story

For those of you who have followed me for quite a while...
do you remember in the past when I used to post short stories I'd made from inspirational thingies? 
Well, on Wattpad (Where I have published two full chapters of my fantasy novel!) I have just written a short story for a short story contest and have decided to share it with all you delightful readers! :D
Here is my Wattpad Page:


Here is the picture inspiration:
And here's the short story:

Life through a camera lens is different to real life. The camera lens sees things differently. We can portray our lives through a camera lens in any way we choose.
Melody discovered the magic of the camera. Every day, she’d take pictures of herself with someone knew, posing as if they were a friend. She’d go somewhere and take pictures as if she were on holiday. Her pictures showed a life she didn’t have. A life she wanted to have.
Melody had died her hair a dark red to show the camera the changes in her life. Melody now wore a strapless short black dress when only a few weeks ago she wore an ACDC band t-shirt. She wanted to show the camera how she had changed. Her life was in the camera, while reality was on a stand-still.
“I regret giving her that camera” Her mother had said to her father one day. They didn’t know Melody was sitting in the room next door, taking the camera to pieces and putting it all back together again, over and over again. “She’s obsessing over it too much. She has it with her all the time! It’s silly how teenagers feel they have to document every part of their lives nowadays!” Her mother liked to go on rants about this and that. It made her feel like she was getting her say in the world, even if her say really didn’t make any difference. Her husband usually listened to her but not this time. And that was his mistake. She believed that Melody was just being a normal teenager and his wife was fretting too much.
Melody’s friends found the camera intriguing at first. They liked to take pictures with her. That is, until she confused them. She wanted to take pictures of things that weren’t happening. She wanted to pretend they were happening. Her friends rapidly turned away from her, with a nagging fear in their stomachs about her mental health and a warning in the back of their minds to stay well clear.
And so they did. Melody lost her friends at school but she didn’t mind. She had her life in her camera. She told herself it was real. How could you capture something unreal? She could prove she had lots of friends. She could prove it because she had pictures with them on her camera. Okay, granted, they weren’t always sitting beside her – in fact, they tended to be studying in the background or chatting to someone else but you know how it is with people – they’re always distracted!
Melody’s Mum as informed by a worried teacher that Melody had no friends at school. She was confused. Melody always talked of her many friends when they got back from school...how they’d taken fun pictures of their day! But Melody would never show her pictures. She said, her mum didn’t need to know every single bit about her life! She was a teenager after all! She needed her privacy!
When Melody stopped going to school, she became friends with her therapist who loved to take pictures with her. With less people around, Melody decided to document the new objects she’d obtained in her life. She’d go out into town especially, taking pictures of her friends walking in the back ground, and she would buy something new to document. Her life was always changing, you see. And she wanted to remember how it was always changing.
Her therapist told her that she should leave her camera alone for some time. It would be good for her. So Melody lied and said she would. But how could she? Her camera held her life! For anyone else, it would be like lying still in bed for their whole lives!
Melody then moved homes. Her new home was completely white with padded cells. She documented this for a while but soon had nothing to take pictures off. After she had captured every bit of wall and every bit of body possible, she started to sink into the darkness.
When she awoke one morning, her camera went missing. She searched high and low for it in the white room of soft walls but it was not to be found. It had gone from her life and she needed another way of documented. She bit into her wrist and wrote on the walls in red.
The next morning, she was strapped down on a black bed, in the centre of the white room, unable to move. The black bed smelt of leather. She needed to remember that or at least tell someone! She needed to tell...she needed to...she needed...she...
She slipped into a state of unconsciousness. She was awake but she couldn't function.
Melody stayed there for 5 years and slowly forgot. She had always known that if she hadn't documented, she would forget.
She returned back home refreshed. As if she’d never had a camera in her life. As if she had never learned the magic of a camera.

Well, what did you think?
M. x

Friday, 5 October 2012

Ugh, Characters!

They are letting me down, somewhat. I've had a look over what I've written so far and I've decided it's just not good enough. There's so much more I need to do! My characters are one-dimensional, things just aren't clear enough and....and...
Okay yeah I know. It's my first draft. But this is my nature. I'm picky and perfectionist with my writing. It's annoying but I can't just leave it on the floor and move on. It's not me.
So I apologise if there's not much to update at the mo. I am having character problems.
I have given them a star sign each, to make them a little deeper. I have created little portfolio things for them each (or the ones I've created so far!) on my cute little note cards.
The problem is...I'm kinda making up a lot as I go which is dangerous. I need to plan in detail. That, also, it part of my nature. So excuse me while I rewind and edit and shizzle.
This book is going to take longer than I ever thought...
M. x