Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Yeah, Yeah, I Know...

Okay so I said novel one is finished and just needs editing, right?
Well I've changed my mind. Again. Yeah, yeah, I know; at this rate it looks like the novel will never be finished!

I realised that every POV in the novel needs to start somewhere, develop, and finish somewhere...probably on a cliff-hanger for the next book. So I've now got 33 chapters, not 19. I just needed to add it stories for each individual POV.

I have 5 in the first novel.

- Bastion Gray (just wrote one of his 5 new chapters)
- Henry Barlow
- Malina Goodwin (finished - just needs editing)
- Etillie Longthorn
- Augustus Longthorn

I've planned the new chapters so it shouldn't take long for me to write them...

M. x

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Novel One!!!

After taking a look at the size of part one, we realised that in print, it would be about the size of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone!
We have had this idea in our minds for a while but never really elaborated on it because we weren't quite sure that it would work.

The first book was originally going to have 3 parts.

Part One - 9 chapters
Part Two - 12 chapters
Part Three - about 10 chapters.

Now that we have added the many different Points Of View, Part One grew to 19 chapters! Part One added about 5 more characters to the story. Part Two will add 2 more. We realised that in Part One, not that much happens, yet still we managed to add 10 more chapters and still more needs to be added to them.

In Part Two, a lot more happens in each story. Therefore, each POV will need more chapters.
In Part Three, each POV gets even more interesting.
Can you imagine the size of that one book?
If the smallest is the size of the first Harry Potter...that would be a slog to get through and would surely put off many readers, merely because of the size of the book.

We realised with grim expressions.

The only way to fix this was to split the three parts into individual novels.

There were originally going to be 3 novels. It looks like there will be 9 now!

This means that I have written a novel!
I just need to edit it now...

It's really hard to talk about it now, though, because everyone else has heard us talking about them as Part One, Two and Three...and now they're going to be books One, Two and Three. Even Ben and I confuse ourselves when talking about them!
So the next step is book titles.
We need a title for all 3 of the first trilogy.
Yeah, we're going to split them into 3 trilogies.

If we had titles, everything would be a lot easier to understand!
At the moment, we're having to refer to them as "the original part one that is now book one" and it's driving me  - I don't know about Ben - mad.

I really need to think about this and I really don't have the time for novel thinking at the moment!!!
Titles, titles, titles.
They've always been my weak point...
M. x

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Part One. Again.

Okay, I know I've said this loads of times but Part One really honestly is very close to being finished! I'm going to see little Benny tomorrow and we'll do a load of work on the last chapter (which is only one A4 page at the moment!) and then Bob's your Uncle! You have 19 chapters for one part!
It used to be 9 chapters!
I'm in a weird mood so I should probably go before my weirdness shows too much on here.
Weird, Weird, Weird.
Read my other blog and you'll discover that I'm moving to Norwich in a week!
From Sussex to East Anglia! What a move! It's is scary. I am scared. But I will be fine.

I'll still be able to write.
I've pretty much (it's kinda complicated) got a job up there but it's commission work so I'm gonna take the weekends off for writing and me time :)
If I don't get enough time to myself, I'll go a bit doolally...

Anywho, I need to sleep now.
Part One should be finished by tomorrow!!

M. x

Friday, 3 May 2013

Returned Traveller!

I got back from my trip around Britain last night! It was AMAZING. I loved it!
I kinda wish I was still out there. Home is nice...for a few hours ahah!

Anyways, I added in loads of chapters to Part One because I now have a lot more Points Of View (POV's).
I think there's about 6-7 now and there are more coming! So part one has gone from 9 chapters to 19!!
I much prefer it, now. My writing has got better and it just makes the story a lot more interesting because the reader is following so many different stories, some more important than others.
I wrote about 5 chapters while travelling - one of the chapters is for the beginning of book 3! I got a bit ahead of myself...but I just had a burst of inspiration!