Friday, 3 May 2013

Returned Traveller!

I got back from my trip around Britain last night! It was AMAZING. I loved it!
I kinda wish I was still out there. Home is nice...for a few hours ahah!

Anyways, I added in loads of chapters to Part One because I now have a lot more Points Of View (POV's).
I think there's about 6-7 now and there are more coming! So part one has gone from 9 chapters to 19!!
I much prefer it, now. My writing has got better and it just makes the story a lot more interesting because the reader is following so many different stories, some more important than others.
I wrote about 5 chapters while travelling - one of the chapters is for the beginning of book 3! I got a bit ahead of myself...but I just had a burst of inspiration!

Visiting so many different places gave me some awesome names to play around with! For example, Gnarrowlan is a play on Narrow Lane.
I found Steephill Road, For-N-Aft (I am not kidding - this was a house name!)

I have LOADS of names saved onto my phone. :) I'll use loads of them for just random details here and there :)

There's not much else to update you on, really! The new POV's will also be in the next two parts of the novel but I just haven't planned out the chapter orders yet etc.

New POV's:


Henry Barlow = a bumbling fool who's nasty father (a general) forces him to join one of the most important and hardcore squadrons of the city guard.

Augustus Longthorn = the Mayor of Shalo, our evil county. He's a nasty piece of work...

Etillie Longthorn = One of two daughters. Etillie does not want to be a lady and decides being a boy would be a lot better than a girl. She discovers a half brother and develops a relationship with him that changes her life drastically. Her sister, Elease, is as nasty as her father.

General Gray = one of the generals of the Shalo guard. He is very Shalolian (has very let's say...right wing...views on things as do most Shalolians but he is nicer than most.)

Malina = our central character who influences everything she touches by an innate fiery spirit. She travels across the map in search of safety and her Homeland.


Morlen = a good friend of Malina's. He is a strong character and provides a good insight for the reader into a certain part of the plot that I can't reveal!

Aly Thompson = owns an inn in Managon - a small city on stilts in a large lake.

Goblins = a general view of some goblins. No specific character here. Gives us a slanted insight into their leader's life who is a very important character. I don't think that character will have his own POV, though...I'll leave him out, otherwise there won't be enough mystery and guesswork!


Felix = a boy Malina meets. He is an Outlaw and becomes her closest friend. (Like Torak and Renn in The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness).

Silas = An important character who we first meet through Aly Thompson.

I think that's it... so how many is that?

10! Wow. That is a lot!

And there you have it!
The novel really is developing! A lot!!
M. x

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