Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I'm meant to be sleeping right now because I'm getting a very early start (6am!) and going on my month long travels!!! I doubt I'll get a chance to post up on here in the next month so in a flash, here's the latest update:

I was watching Game Of Thrones and I realised that what makes these stories interesting is many, many different POV's (points of view) that somehow intertwine. So I've added in something like...5 or 6 new POV's other than my main character, Malina, just to jazz it up.
So now Part One has gone from 9 chapters to 17 chapters!!!
I've written most of them already (they're pretty short) - I just need to add 2 more, now....
And there you have it!
See you in a month!
M. x

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