Thursday, 21 March 2013

Chapter Five, Part Two

In the last three days, I have edited Chapter Five three times!
I read through it the first time and found so much to add in! I began to edit it then realised I didn't have enough space to do all the edits at once or the mind capacity to think of so many changes at once!
So I wrote them all down, edited it on the computer and printed it out again.
I then edited the edit.
And the same problem occured, yet again.
I printed the new edit and have just been through it again. The scary thing is that each edit has turned the pages completely red with edits!
I am relatively happy with it now - there will only be a few sentences to tweak, now. So I'm going to leave it to the very last edit. It's good enough for me to feel relatively satisfied, now!

While writing, I have discovered the best music to edit to!

- Jon Boden's A Folk Song A Day - hundreds of folk songs that are all gorgeous!
- Billy Bragg's album "Tooth And Nail." It's brilliant!
- Eric Bogle - especially the song Leaving Nancy.

What music do you listen to when writing/editing?

M. x

P.S. Referencing to an earlier post - I don't know if the magazine is ever going to happen. I don't really have the time, I don't really know how to do it and I don't know how to find out how to do it! It requires a lot of effort and time - both of which I have little of for new projects! It may happen eventually - perhaps when I go to University...

In other news...I'm travelling around Britain for two months...and I'm leaving in 2 weeks!!! Ahhh! I am really excited! The only problem is that I haven't actually booked everything yet...
Okay, I have just done a long bought of editing...maybe I should take a breather and book some more of my trip...x

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