Saturday, 11 May 2013

Part One. Again.

Okay, I know I've said this loads of times but Part One really honestly is very close to being finished! I'm going to see little Benny tomorrow and we'll do a load of work on the last chapter (which is only one A4 page at the moment!) and then Bob's your Uncle! You have 19 chapters for one part!
It used to be 9 chapters!
I'm in a weird mood so I should probably go before my weirdness shows too much on here.
Weird, Weird, Weird.
Read my other blog and you'll discover that I'm moving to Norwich in a week!
From Sussex to East Anglia! What a move! It's is scary. I am scared. But I will be fine.

I'll still be able to write.
I've pretty much (it's kinda complicated) got a job up there but it's commission work so I'm gonna take the weekends off for writing and me time :)
If I don't get enough time to myself, I'll go a bit doolally...

Anywho, I need to sleep now.
Part One should be finished by tomorrow!!

M. x

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