Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ideas are gathering!
I thought I'd put them down and inform any readers that this is starting to role!
Right. Another world. Magic. Politics...a chase...more than one story at a time...
okay, so it's not many ideas...but it's a start! 
I'm getting through the Harry Potters really quickly, nearly at the end of the second... I find them very easy to read as I know them so well already.
(Little mention about my personal life: I'm going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Summer! I'm so excited! It will be like entering the world of Harry Potter because I'll recognise it all! Or maybe it will feel as if I have been there all along? Well, any way. This is a HUGE excitement :D )
I'll update you with any more book ideas on the way...and any opinions on the books I'm reading..
sorry these blogs aren't very exciting at the moment. There's not really anything to say about Harry Potter.. except that they're brilliant!
But next is The Hunger Games which I recently bought. (Thanks Ricmisc for suggesting them!) I am determined to read all three books before I watch the films!
M x


  1. Hi, :D

    I've been flicking through blogs for a while as i've been looking for inspiration for my gap year and i've started to think that perhaps writing a blog would be a good way to keep me on my toes - i am also doing my a levels so have been interested in how you juggle work and blogging :D I really just wanted to comment on this post because i have recently just finished reading the hunger games, and i thought i should tell you that they are brilliant, because they give a completely different edge to the genre of fiction and adventure. I think that they will give you some really good ideas for your book, because like the HP series they also are written in a way which keeps you wanting more, but it could be argued maybe not as obviously, i found the books keep at the same high level and unlike the HP books didn't start off quite as weak, or contain parts which seemed to drag on. Anyways, good luck with your book, and your A-Z blogging :D

  2. Yes! do a gap year blog! It's so therapeutic and will keep you occupied when you're not doing anything much! (I'm thinking of doing one myself, alongside this one!) Everyone has been highly recommending The Hunger Games to me so I'm really excited to start reading them!
    M x