Friday, 30 March 2012

Hi guys,
sorry I haven't posted much, have been busy with my A Level Coursework etc. But I now have a 3 week Easter holiday in which I can blog to no end!

           Caught up with my 10 year old brother and told him all about this blog :)

           I went to go see him in Alladin the musical for juniours... most dreadful play I have EVER scene, but hilarious because it was so abismal! He played narrator 4 (out of 5)..though it wasn't very obvious which narrator was which number! It meant that he got the limelight of the stage for a whole 10 LINES! Aww, he's so sweet!

             Anywho, when this Novel starts to get on its feet, he will be helping majorly with the illustrations (though we're not sure about which age group we want to set the novel to yet) as he is brilliant at creating characters on odd bits of paper. He is also going to write snippets of the book for me (I've always loved his you've probably worked out, he's one of those kids who's so intelligent, it's actually quite demoralizing at times)...

            so, basically, to sum up this little post, I will be writing this book and doing the project and the whole shebang, "with a little help from my" :) (quite proud of that little Beatles quote!)
We're already starting to gather ideas...
but I mustn't get ahead of myself! Research comes first!
M x

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