Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Y = You Only Live Once

The A-Z is coming to a close and soon, my schooling life will too. Things seem to be changing a lot for me, now. I'm going to be living in my own flat soon!
Any adults reading this may think it's no big deal - just remember back to the times when you moved out! This is a scary time for me and my friends and it's really made me think about myself, my life, my advantages and disadvantages...I've started to realise that I may not be ready.
So in my gap year, I want to learn about life.
How to get on a plane without parental help? (I usually just follow my mum to the waiting room - I don't even know what it's called - and trust her word.
I'll have to learn for myself now.
So, when I decided to write this novel, it was because I thought, I only live once and this is a whole year of opportunity.
Right now I am ready to start writing, but, of course, I don't have the time with exams and all.
I only live once...
So, what can I do with a whole year of time?
I may go travelling around the East with my friend, Maisie (an earlier post of mine was dedicated to her).
I may go on a cycling holiday
A two week trip to friends in Scotland
An annual camping holiday to Wales
Campervanning (is that even a word?) round Ireland...
There are SO many possibilities! (And not nearly enough money to do all that!)
I guess I'm just scared I'll end up sitting in my room, learning how to be well and truly bored.
What did you guys do in your gap years? (if you had one, of course).
I guess I'm just about to learn how to live life.
Wow. What a scarily huge leap it is.
M. x


  1. So tell me a little about this novel you're going to write! What's it going to be about if I may ask?

    1. Well. I can't even remember why, but I suddenly decided to write a fantasy novel. I think my original aim was to prove to my English Teacher that a fantasy novel can be written well and can be really worth while. I was then told by a close friend that I read and write only boring, slow books! So I wanted to prove to her that I could be fun and imaginative! Then I told my little brother about it, who is known for his intelligent and imaginative young mind, and it somehow became a joint project!
      I then decided that proving it to my teacher was merely just a dream and I discovered that writing a fantasy novel isn't at all as simple as it seems - you've got to know every detail for it to make sense and be believable.
      After watching the film Julie and Julia, a feel-good film about blogging, I decided that that is what I should do, so here I am! I plan to write it all in my gap year, starting this July.
      It hasn't got much a plot yet, so what I've posted so far about my novel is to do with research, learning and gathering ideas.
      For example, I'm going to set it in a different-but-similar world and I'm going to create different species, different ways of living etc.
      But I haven't got much further than that, with my A Levels in the way.
      M. x

    2. Sounds like it may very well be quite a wonderful thing, especially with the effort that you're putting into it. Thank you for allowing me to visit your blog!