Tuesday, 3 April 2012

C is for Cupcakes

At first I said to myself that I would do one a day, even though I was a day late, but I've changed my mind. For some reason (couldn't say why), I feel a little left out being a whole day late. 
So I'm now catching up :)

My (C) is cupcakes because my life has suddenly become overrun with them!
My Mum has been invited to a wedding and has been asked to bring cupcakes...so she decided to do it properly.. and for about 7 weeks now, she has been obsessively trying to work out what makes a perfect cupcake.
Flowers, stars, leaves etc. etc.
I am so bored of them, a cupcake makes me feel sick every time I look at one!
Well, this links to my fantasy novel project because I once found a picture of cupcakes with Beatrix Potter characters on them and, I think, Beatrix Potter has influenced my stories because they have made me want to give specific characters to animals.


Very loose link, but hey! I managed!
M x


  1. Oh, how I love cupcakes! My aunt is currently crazy about them so I've had my fair share over the last couple of months but I can never have enough. If you feel like you can't eat them anymore just send them here ;).

  2. yeah, i'll send them in the post, hoping they don't get squished on the way :)

  3. Such pretty cupcakes! I love cupcakes, but I always scrape off the icing.

  4. why? the icing is the best bit! my mums now learning how to make incredible elaborate roses out of icing - though, I find these the hardest to eat because they look so good! Haha

  5. wow, those cupcakes look too good to eat! I used to make (I thought) the most beautiful cupcakes for my sons (ages 5 and 8 now), using a recipe from the Martha Stewart cook book and agonizing about the exact color of the icing. UNTIL. Until one day my older son said, "Mommy, we really like the cupcakes from Giant (the local grocery store). Please buy those instead."

    Turns out he liked those cheap garish and overly-sweet cupcakes because they came with plastic prizes on top, like a basketball shaped ring. Still, a bit of a dagger through my heart to be told my cupcakes were "not good enough." (*cries*)

    Love your blog!!!


  6. .... those cup cakes are only for looking at.
    Never seen anything like it and I have seen a few. Not a big eater of them, but I love to adore them, when it't about the eating part .. they are too pretty to eat and why put all the icing and decoration on to muffin that taste best plain. mygulitypleasures (1931)