Monday, 9 April 2012


I have at last finished the first three Trudi Canavan books and am now on the second trilogy. For some reason I have found myself wanting to know what happens next..
Now, don't get me wrong...I know they are rubbish:
- they are abysmally written
- irritate me to no end,
- have a boring plot,
- cannot make anything (not even a magical fight) exciting,
- are completely not believable,
- use such ridiculous names,
- change the names of normal animals to other weird names (spiders to 'faren'..I mean...why bother?)
- everyone from the magic Guild is innately good
- they talk way too long about people's thoughts instead of actually having something happen
- they say that gays/lesbians are rare, yet, they are everywhere in this novel (now, I have nothing against homosexuality but you can't say they're unusual yet still have loads of them! Contradiction clash!)
- All the gay/lesbian people just happen to make good friends with all the other gay/lesbian people before knowing they are gay/lesbian
- no one ever gets into serious difficulties
- big problems are solves too quickly
- big problems always turn out to be not-so-bad-after-all
- Not much happens until the very end of the books
- Every character is completely one dimensional: they are good or bad
- People fall in love FAR too quickly
- I would like to know more about how to make magic,
- I find I don't actually care who lives or dies
- I also find I don't actually care what people are thinking/feeling ... and the book consists mostly of thoughts and feelings
- It's no surprise there's so many law-breakers in the Guild - the sanctions are only ever made after their misdeed and they're never as strong as they should be
- When crazy things happen the character's surprise lasts for about...5 seconds, when in reality it would take about half and hour for most people to get over some of the things that happen...
                             There are probably so many more things I could say that was crap.....
umm.. so, yeah, you can see that I don't like the books, but, although I dislike them, I desperately want to know what happens next! Weird!
So, I'll be reading on and my excuse is that when I write my book, I'll make sure that I make them the complete opposite to these!
M x

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  1. Haha, those are a lot of reasons not to like a book. I guess I'm guilty of the same thing occasionally. I had a whole list of reasons to hate the Twilight books . . . And yet, I still finished the series. Funny how that works.