Wednesday, 18 April 2012

"Red is my favourite colour" begins with R.

Red is my favourite colour. In my bedroom, I have a red carpet, red curtains, red bin, red pillows, red sheet, red duvet, red sofa and my favourite school subjects have red folders. Red is so much my favourite colour, that I don't really think about how great the colour is! I just suddenly realise, occasionally, that I tend to buy things that are red. My Mum's car used to be was such a nice car!
I have recently had this sudden realisation again, as you can tell, and so I have decided that I will try to put as many red things into my novel as possible without making it too obvious... i mean, I'm not going to have red trees and red people, but I could have red rooms and red clothes :)
I love red because it can vary, from scarlet, rose red, to blood red, to pomegranate, to apple, to cherry, strawberry, fire engine, crimson, deep red, indian red, ruby red and there is SO many more! 
Red stands for danger, red is warm, red is evil, and red reminds me of vampires and strange fantasies. 
Red is very interesting :)
Here are some red pictures: 
Red rose
And here are some interesting facts about the colour:
- the colour red doesn't really make bulls angry - they are colour-blind
- Red means beautiful in Russian
- There are atleast 3 different shades of red in crayons
- seeing the colour red can make your heart beat faster
M. x


  1. Stopping by from the Challenge. Interesting post and great pictures...and you're at least 2 days ahead of everyone else. Good job.

  2. :) thanks. I was hoping to do one post a day so that I'd have a few days at the end of April free. :)