Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Time is mine once again!

At last, I have finished by major piece of English Coursework, so, hopefully, I will be able to use the extra time I now have to write more of my novel!
I know I should be doing work, but if I don't write, I tend to get strange withdrawal symptoms, and become desperate to put my interpretations on the world on paper! (well, on Microsoft Word...)
That's why this blog is so fun for me. I'm not one for alternative therapies, but if this is anything, it's therepuetic.
So up and onwards goes the project!
I have nearly finished Mockingjay (the 3rd Hunger Games book) and am waiting for that terrible but oh-so edictive Trudi Canavan finale to be released.
After that, I aim to just write whenever I can.
Exams will be my centre of focus, but this (and the gym once or twice a week) will hopefully de-stress me.
Thankyou for being my therapy session, blogspot!
M. x
P.S. I've been reading some blogs and I have a question...
What does WIP and YA mean?
I know I'm a teenager who should know all these new abreviations, but it appears i'm not nearly as in touch with them as I thought I was!

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