Tuesday, 24 April 2012

X is for Xylographic

Wow! Only three letters to go!
I was thinking that for my X I could do something more imaginative.
I thought everyone would be doing Xray or Xylophone so I decided to search up a really complicated word beginning with X and find out what it means :)
The definition of the word in the dictionary is...
The art, craft or process of printing from wooden blocks.
I wasn't quite sure by what it meant by 'printing' so I searched it up on google images:

I have no idea what is actually happening here, but this is a perfect example of Xylographic. These words and pictures are printed on wood. Just like a book is printed on paper, this is text and an image on wood.

Here are some particularly lovely examples:

I'm thinking of putting some highly important message or magic on a piece of wood in my novel :)
M. x

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