Sunday, 22 April 2012

V for Very Stuck

I'm Very Stuck because I literally couldn't think of a thing beginning with V that was remotely interesting! So I'm gonna use this time to update my readers on my novel project, something I seem to have neglected recently.

So, I'm reading The Hunger Games and loving them (Though, the first one is the best and the third one just passes the 'good' boundary line for me) and they are, inevitably, giving me some sort of inspiration...I think...

I discovered recently, by joining that JK made a back story for every one of her characters! She called them ghost plots. I've decided to do the same as I think it will help me form my characters and help me really know the world I'm going to create.
Yes, I'm going to create a fantastical world that is similar to ours, but...a little bit different. I'll use the traditional elves, unicorns, goblins etc, but I'll also create my own characters.
I have a general idea of what it will be like: I want my main character to have to journey across, pretty much the whole map. I will make a map. She will not be very educated in the ways of the world (I don't know, poverty or something?) and we'll be learning alongside her.
I'm going to have a brainstorming session with my little brother at some point, though, seeing as exams are coming every closer and my stress levels are already hiking up to the top of mount Everest, I think I may organise it for some time in the future when I'm feeling just a bit more relaxed!
I reckon I'm about there on the stress climb. Soon enough, my stick figure will be racing up the mountain, so I  should actually be savoring these last few moments of only minor stress - well, minor compared to how it will be...

I apologise for my lack of artistic skills. The other day, Mum was off making cupcakes again and a friend of  ours was staying over. He decided to make cupcake decorations as well and eventually persuaded me into trying some decorating as well. This, of course, just made me look like a 2 year old with no artistic talent. 

While he made some incredibly elegant cupcakes with white roses and pearls, I decided it would be funny to make a smiling sun, which just ended up looking like a cupcake with random coloured dots all over it.
(Well, I could see it was a smiling sun, but apparently nobody else could. It just about made the reject pile. I was surprised it's status was so high!)
So yeah, I have long acknowledged the fact that I have no artistic talent whatsoever when it comes to drawing or decorating. So, instead, I put any artistic drive into my school work. 
HAHA only kidding! I put it into making these relatively pointless blog posts and into writing a fantasy story which, at the moment, is just my own fantasy. 
It will happen. I know it will. 
Anyways, sorry for my strange, rambling post. I in a very rambling mood...
I'm signing off now. Final.
M. x


  1. It's a rainy, grey Sunday where I am. Perfect rambling record.

  2. I write long backstories for each of my characters. I also wrote a backstory for the world that they live in. It helps me fill in the details which will (hopefully) make the story seem more real. Honestly, I have spent what feels like forever plotting this book! It's the first time that I've actually sketched out the story BEFORE sitting down to write it.

    1. Yeah, I've never had to do so much creating before! I just had a story line and a few details and wrote...
      hopefully it will make it realistic though!
      M. x