Friday, 6 April 2012

F is for Fables

My ‘F’ is for fables because I love them and because I studied them in a certain school when I was younger which has influenced my personality, my traits and pretty much everything about me without me knowing it!
Fables are not the same thing as myths. People tend to get themselves confused very easily. Fables are made up stories, like fairytales, intending to give a moral statement, while myths are stories that convey small amounts of truth. (However, some very religious people take myths as truths, but, for me, and for many other atheists alike, myths are not entirely true.)
Here is my favourite example of a fable:
Hansel and Gretel:
We all know the story:
-          Evil stepmother persuades father into leaving the two children in the woods because they no longer have the money to feed them...
-          Hansel and Gretel are very lost but then find a yummy gingerbread house
-          They then get captured by the witch inside
-          To cut the story short, Gretel tricks the witch and kills her and saves Hansel from a cage.
-          They are free!
The gingerbread house:

This gingerbread house was created by my brother and his girlfriend at Christmas. I thought it was a perfect rendition of Hansel and Gretel’s edible house.
The themes in the story a hugely to do with eating which is a huge fear in a child’s life.
-          The family are poor and cannot eat
-          Hansel and Gretel are hungry so start to eat the edible house
-          The witch tries to eat Hansel and Gretel
-          Gretel kills the witch by pushing her in an oven

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