Saturday, 5 May 2012

Update on My Button

I have finally got my button (almost) fully working!
I feel like such a techno genious, thanks to Jeremy Ross at The Lightning and The Lightning Bug! He told me how to do it... but this is a big step for me!
I'm considered the one to ask for tech-help in my house hold, seeing as my computer genius brother has disappeared off to the British Army (though he's back for the next 10 days!!). 
But this was something I just couldn't get my head around!
So, to anyone else out there who's new to the whole computer text thing, here are some people and websites who may be willing to help!! - this is where you can create your own button - and this tells you have to make your own confusing computer text and gives the link which gives your button the little link underneath it (so that other's can use it on their pages). This is what I was struggling with yesterday.

So, my button is pretty much sorted...except... my small amounts of OCD now kick annoys me that it doesn't fit perfectly in line under my button! >:(
M. x

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