Thursday, 10 May 2012


So I've just discovered that I have a serious mouth infection. And it hurts. A LOT. I'm on a lot of drugs for the next week so won't be feeling great!
I always find it funny when I go to the dentist.
You know those silly voices people put on when answering the phone?
"Ringmer Dental Practice. How can I help you?"
You can hear the voice when you read that, can't you?
Well, I find my dentists funny because it's as if the receptionist has used this voice so often, she can't seem to stop it! She speaks like that to you in real life! (opposed to just on the phone).
I always have to keep a straight face when she speaks to me.
I am not a child, woman! I am officially an adult! 
Well, I am legally an adult, but that doesn't mean I have to act like one!

Anyway, I named this post Episodes because I have realised that whenever I go to the dentists or the doctors for something, it's never something normal, like the flu.
Oh, no. I get something rare, something weird that no one in my family can even try to identify.
Okay, so my family are musicians, not doctors, but we know a little bit about which illnesses do what!
The last time I went to the doctors was because I had found a cyst behind my eyelid!
I have  big problem with my eyes. Whenever my immune system is down, I tend to get either conjunctivitis or a sty. It's nasty, I know - but, for me, it's what comes with being ill.

Whenever I fall ill enough or in pain enough to go to the doctors/dentists, it's always like a very short episode in mine and my parents' lives. Everything starts off rather boring. Nothing is happening in my life. I'm reading, or something, because I have nothing else to do or because I'm bored of doing school work. And all of a sudden, something nasty pops up and I'm rushed to the local doctors, prescribed something, poked and prodded and then I'm back home, ill for a few days and weighed down with  specially prescribed drugs.

Today was one of those. Yesterday I woke up with serious mouth pain and just took a lot of pain killers, hoping it would go away. Today I woke up and it was WAY worse, so I was rushed to the dentists and now, of course, I am weighed down with drugs and trying to work out when I am free enough for it to be sorted.

When it hurts (when the pain killers haven't kicked in), it hurts so much, I can hardly talk, eat or concentrate on anything other than the pain! This must be the worst time to have this tooth pain, a week before my exams start! I'll just have to work through the pain! So, with all my exams staring me in the face, rather than just round the corner like they were last week, and this searing pain in my mouth, I, yet again, have got no further with my novel :(
I am desperate to write though! I used to say that if I could be given an 8 day week, I may be able to write it, but at the moment, that extra day would just be filled with work and revision.

All I can do is cross my fingers and hope that everything goes okay!
M. x

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