Monday, 21 May 2012

A Levels vs. My Life

Hey guys,
sorry I haven't posted in a while or even read or commented on anyone else's blogs for a while.
Today I realised my lack of attendance to the blog, so I've now decided to give in.
A Levels are my life now.
That is all I think about and all I do.
I'm sure most of you have been there!
So I am signing off until the 18th of June when I finish everything and I can talk about the two performances just completed that day, the exams I will have finished and my fear/excitement of the change of life that is about to come.
I will also have a chance to properly start my book! Writing, I mean.
I am going to miss this small getaway but I will be back and ready to write!
I may be full of ideas as well, after my play which is set in 1720!

So, for now, fare thee well and may you prosper and keep posting :)
M. x

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