Saturday, 12 May 2012

So Whose The Techno Freak Now?

For the Lightning and The Lightning Bug:

My older brother has always been known as the one with all of the techno knowledge. When ever a techno-problem arose, we would always go to him. But then he left for the army and it's not so easy to get him to fix things for us over the phone, so I had to step up and help. Now, I can't say i'll ever be as technologically advanced and knowledgeable as he is, but I do know some stuff - like how to find things on a computer, which buttons mean what and so on. But, until the other day, I realised that my older brother had never witnessed this as, when ever he was on an army break, he would be the one we automatically turn to.
So the other day, I found him setting up a new remote control for the TV (our other one is broken).
He asked me,
"What else is there that needs fixing?"
And, without thinking, I started going off on one about the EXT link on the TV and which buttons I usually have to press to make the TV work again and all this complicated stuff that I probably couldn't even name now.
In that long sentenced of mine, I managed to sound exactly like he does when talking to IT friends. Most of the things I said were just words I had learned from seeing them so often, not from an understanding of what they meant. But he must have though I did understand them because in reply, he gave me a strange look, saying 
"WOW. I didn't know you could turn it on, let alone fix it!"
but, being his secretive self, he hid away this shock and carried on as if everything was normal.
It was then that I realised he had never known about my techno skills before.
It kind of made me feel good, that I could prove myself to him! But now I'm wondering whether it made him feel slightly redundant, despite his constant complaining that he's always helping us with the same problems...

M. x

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