Monday, 14 May 2012

18 year old M finds her immaturity.

Recently, I've been feeling very grown-up, being allowed to drink alcohol whenever I like, having very important exams very close by, having my friends drive me around in their cars...but you adults out there have to admit that we are all very juvenile at times...

So here is where my story begins...

The headmaster of my 6th Form College is my RS teacher...
He's very powerful in the school and you just don't get on his bad side. Maybe I was just feeling a bit rebellious today...
Last year, I didn't do so well in one of my exams and he decided that I would retake it. I decided that I wouldn't. He decided that he wasn't happy that I wouldn't so has been trying to convince me otherwise.

He says he knows me well (we usually get along) but he evidently hasn't worked out how stubborn I am yet!

I decided against doing the retake. This is my life. I am 18. I can make my own decisions.
But he won't listen and just keeps going on and on about it.
And today in the lesson, in front of the whole class, this is how the conversation went:

Head: So, M are you going to do the retake?

M: *M roles her eyes* No. I don't want to.

Head: Why?

M: Blah blah blah blah blah. (That's M saying all the reasons why which would take ages to explain and would bore you even if I tried).

Head: Well, I think you're making a mistake!

M: (*getting annoyed*) well I DON'T!

Head: Look, if I didn't think it was a good idea I wouldn't say it.

M: I didn't say you didn't think it was a good idea. I just don't think it'll help me in the slightest.

Head: (*he is known for being obsessed with university. Seems to think that is the only route in life*) It will help you get into University! It will help you get the grades you need!

M: So what? I'll probably have to reapply anyway because I changed my mind about what subject I want to study and, anyway, it will not kill me if I don't get an A.

Head: (*also getting annoyed*) But you might end up getting a C! (*shock horror!!!!!!*)

M: Okay, so I'll get what I deserve. I don't particularly care.

Head: (*eyes widen in complete and utter horror at my words*) Fine. You be stubborn. Good luck with your exam. I won't bring this up again!

So then M got a bit childish and, just coz she knew it would irritate him, she says


while staring right into his eyes, in a very childish and immature way.

Apparently this was the wrong thing to say but M really didn't give a damn.


The Head shouted.

M just stared into his eyes with a I do not give a damn kinda look while thinking You are not my father! You are not my father! He actually seems to think he is though which M finds kinda weird...

All this shouting made M laugh. Angry shouting from a teacher nearly always does. Even when it is the headmaster.She had to try desperately hard not to make it show in her eyes or to burst out into very loud laughter. Inside, she was squirming with the giggles:

Hehehehe! He shouted! hehehehe He's angry! hehehehe! He can't control his anger! hehehehehe!

M can be very childish at times.

She was meant to be taking this very seriously.

M didn't even say sorry. She just stared at him in the same way until he carried on with the lesson.
Man, M can be very stubborn sometimes!

So, that's my little story of the day!
The argument gave me such a good sense of catharsis that I spent the rest of the day in a very cheerful mood and I still am in a cheerful mood! I should be rude to him more often!!

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