Thursday, 19 July 2012

How To Edit A Novel.

My little brother, Ben, and I have come up with long routine which will ensure the correctness of the novel. Hopefully it will make it better as well.
We write a chapter, then hand it on to others to edit.
Here is the detailed routine we have created:
1) I write the chapter
2) Ben reads it over and adds whatever is needed
3) He sends the chapter back to me and I add it all in
4) Ben reads it over and hands it on to my Dad and Step Mum
5) I add in any edits they have made
6) I hand it on to my Mum
7) I add in any edits she has given
8) I hand it on to Maisie, who is outside the whole business so will have no preconceptions
9) At last, we move on to the next chapter.

It sounds rather grueling but most of the work is just attaching it to emails and having others read through and edit it for us!
It makes me feel sure that the chapter is the best it can be and will only be edited if changed are made to the novel as a whole - names of characters, of people, new characters, more things to mention etc.

In this way, I hope to succeed in make a successful novel!
I will be away for the next 10 or so days (on a camping holiday in Wales), however, I will not stop writing!
There will probably be some sort of advancement by the time I am back!
I hope to have a few more chapters written :) (Though, I doubt they will all have gone through the rough editing process.)
If chapters had feelings, this process would hurt!
So I say ciao for now :)
M. x

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