Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Chapter Three

I've had countless read through's by friends and family for the first few chapters and have finally managed to sort all of the mistakes they pointed out. Most of them were grammatical but some were things that just weren't clear or just didn't make any sense.
I love to have someone outside my mind read through what I've written. They see it from such a different angle because they have to preconception of what happens next, what's supposed to happen or what used to happen.
It's very hard to proof read my own stuff I find!
Anyway, it was quite touching when, today, my Mum requested the next chapter. She said she was desperate to read on! I have only ever showed anyone the first two chapters of the story and in the third chapter, things change rather drastically!
You can tell things will change by the last chapter but it is not at all clear what the change will be.
So it's a nice thought to know that somebody is waiting for the next installment!
So that has pushed me to write it! Okay, so there's not much formed in it.
The new information coming in isn't very deep or thought-through.
I've decided some things that weren't there until very recently but I'm finding it hard to be imaginative when I'm this tired!
It's 1:54 am where I am. I know, it's stupid of me to stay up so late but, truthfully, I write best at night, for some reason.
So anyway, I've now made a detailed plan of what is to happen in the next part of the story, but the next chapter isn't very detailed yet.
In fact, it's rubbish and very unfinished.
I will have to get back to it tomorrow evening.
Yes, I will have to be nocturnal if I can only write best at night!
M. x


  1. You're well on your way! Congratulations! Don't worry if it's not perfect...that's why revision was invented. I'm so happy that you've started.

    1. Thanks :) I'm really getting into it now that I've actually started writing!