Thursday, 12 July 2012

Chapters One and Two

Last night, my little brother and I sat down and wrote the beginning to our story.
It took, roughly, about an hour and a half! Maybe even longer...
I'm not entirely sure whether that's what is expected or not.
Did we right it fast or slowly?
Well anyway, once we'd finished it, we decided we'd leave it for the night and take another look at it the next day.
Before he got back from school today, I wrote the second chapter. I knew exactly what was meant to go into it so it wasn't actually too difficult!
When he got back from school, we printed them both out, and, with a red pen, switched parts around, cut bits out, added this and that, changed things and generally made it FAR better.
We now have two chapter which we are throroughly pleased with!
I have tried to sit down and write this so many times and each time I just couldn't come out with anything brilliant. But now I realise, it's not coming up with brilliance, it's just concentrating fully on the task in hand and simply doing it
So we've now managed to create the first two chapters of the book! 
I'm really happy about them and I'm really pleased we've managed to start writing! 
However, I'm not sure we can go much further yet as the depth of the coming chapters is not fully created. Creatures aren't fully understood, the exact events have been decided much yet. 
We have a lot of planning ahead to do!
One writer once said that the imagination goes into the planning but not into the writing. I totally disagree. Imagination is needed every step of the way!
M. x

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