Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Steaming Ahead!

Like a snail on strychnine, I had an amazing spurt of writing this weekend!
I finished chapter four on Saturday morning and closed Part Two at chapter twelve at 3:30am Monday morning!
The first part of the novel took MONTHS to write! I think it was because we had a pause after every chapter, letting other people edit it before we moved on. But this time, I have managed twelve chapters in two weeks! - or is it three? - But still! That is bloody crazy!
We have also got much better at writing! Okay, so I've done most of the actual writing and Ben has helped a load with ideas and inspiration etc. So I guess I should say my writing has got better.
So now I'm going to print it off and go through the long editing process all over again!
I kind of hoped I would have a nice long break from that!
Ahh well...
Part three shouldn't take too long, either. We've planned out most of it already.
I'll then have to go over the whole thing and do a major edit so that the writing style stays the same throughout the book. I won't go over the first part just yet, because I know my writing will get even better once I've finished part three, so I might as well change it then!
This project really might be do-able!
I mean, I now have until late September to get it all finished and perfected!
However, I fear that I'll use that badly and will squandor my time. I'll tell myself I have ages and won't do the boring editing bits until I'm pressed for time and then I won't have the chance to get it as good as possible.
I know myself.
So I'm really going to need some support to keep me working!
M. x

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