Friday, 1 February 2013

Editing. Again.

I printed part two today to edit. It find it much easier to edit with pens rather than on the computer. I can see more things at one time, that way. It's so fiddly on the computer!
Part Two, in 1.5 spacing, 12.5 Times New Roman Font, A4 normal print paper is about 1.3 cm thick.
I'm pleased with that!
Yes, yes, I know - quality not quantity! But it's still nice to know that this is going to be a relatively thick book. I haven't put the two parts together yet. I want to see how thick it is so far.

I'm going to edit all of this and then head on to part three. I've just edited chapter one which really isn't that bad! There will be far less edits needed in this part than in the last part! But that's probably because my writing has improved. It's actually amazing to see how far it has come!

Sorry this was such a short update. I am so exhausted, my eyes don't want to stay open!
Ciao for now (it rhymes!!!)
M. x

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