Sunday, 6 January 2013

Homeland (?), Part One

I have finished editing and writing the first part of Homeland!
There will be three parts which we already have planned.
It's amazing to read the first time we ever wrote the first chapter and to see how far our writing has progressed! We really have learned a lot throughout this process!

It's really nice to be able to print out the 9 chapters of Part One and hand it over to all those people I promised it to! Okay, I promised it to far more people than I should have. I now don't want so many people to have a look at it before it is fully finished.
It is very likely that this part will have very few changes in the future because it is really the beginning of everything and plays a very minor part in the rest of the story. I don't think the ideas that will come later will hugely affect this Part. So it's amazing to be able to say how finished it is!
And I can now focus all my attention on Part Two and get even closer to finishing the whole novel!
And overall finish is, of course, still miles and miles away but it now actually seems possible!
We started creating this in January and started writing in June
We have spent 8 months writing the hardest part of the whole novel.
We now have half of January, 7 months and half of september (so, basically, 8 months) to complete the rest. It may seem difficult from where I am now - it's like being a third of the way up a mountain and knowing that I have only 8 hours to reach the top - but I really do think it is possible because the next two parts aren't so difficult (I don't think!) because we know a little bit about our main character now and about the world.

Cross my fingers!

Well, it is a good day :) We are officially a third of the way through!

The major question now is what shall our book title be? Homeland is a very famous TV program (I probably didn't need to tell you that!) calling our book 'Homeland' isn't the best idea...I don't know. Maybe we can keep it like that. It is the perfect title! Maybe by the time we start to advertise it, the TV program Homeland won't be so famous anymore. Who knows?
We also want a trilogy or Chronicles name:
- The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness (Wolf Brother, etc.)
- His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass etc.)

You get what I mean.
Any ideas, anyone?
M. x


  1. Oh, titles are HARD. I can never come up with a good title.

    1. Yeah when we came up with this title we were like, "Hallelujah!". And then someone else stole it and made a famous TV programe with it :( So now we're struggling again! :(
      M. x