Sunday, 27 January 2013

Chapter 8-10

That's right!
I have written chapters 4-10 in two days!
Today, I started on chapter 8 and just finished chapter 10!
Okay, so I know there is a lot to add in and edit etc but there was loads more to do when I neared the end of the last part!
This part of the novel is 12 chapters long! I can't believe I'm almost there! I've got to be over half way through the whole book now!
It took many months to write the first part of the novel - okay, so it was the hardest bit to write and we knew it would be before we even started it...but still...many months! It has taken me about 2 weeks to write this part! And this part is longer! The first part is 9 chaps and this is 12!
This is definitely a very proud moment for me :)
I'll be able to finish the next to chapters easily! I could finish them tonight but I am a bit emotionally exhausted  after writing three very hard-hitting and emotional chapters. It's always felt like I've gone through the ordeals I describe, myself.
Can I carry on tonight? I'm not sure. I guess I could give it a try...

And now, I have decided you need some music to keep you all happy :) I am very happy at the moment (especially because of the gorgeous weather we had today! Clear blue skies and fresh windy air!) and want to spread the happiness :)

I was there!!! :)

Now go and listen to the rest of their music on spotify/youtube/however you can!
M. x

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