Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Last Four Days

Isn't it funny how it can takes weeks to do one chapter and then, suddenly, only four days to accomplish a HUGE amount? I guess it's just to do with motivation...

Four days ago, I went to my Dad's house and worked on the novel with my little brother. Aside from cutting four totally pointless chapters from the book (which I mentioned in my last post), we planned the whole trilogy! We thought it was necessary to do this, so that we could add in links from each of the books, for example, something you see in the first book that is only ever answered in the third book...you get what I mean, right?

We also re-created the whole map, doubled it in size and created names for every major river, lake, wood, mountain and hill and added cities, village and plains! We have a really cool map now with really believable names. I hate books with place names that you can't pronounce or that sound really stupid:

Mount Woogalooga (Sounds like a kids programe on CBeebies!)
The River of Bagatron (Sounds like a futuristic robot!)
Xuphalionibus City (Ummm...wut?)

And then today, we wrote two chapters for the second part (of three parts)! Two chapters! That is a lot of work for four days! I feel completely sapped on writing genius now so, instead, I'm about to do the last bits of editing on Part One...and then.......IT WILL BE FINISHED!....ish.....

Okay, so we'll have to do a major edit right at the very end, but it will be good enough to let people read it! And it will be good enough to leave alone until the very end! That feels amazing to say! And it will feel even more amazing when it's done!

So now I have to go and actually do it...!

Oh, and Happy New Year!

What a good way to start the new year :)
M. x


  1. You've come so far!!!! I love fantasy maps. Any chance you'll post a photo of yours?

    1. I would if I knew how! I don't have a digital camera...i'll hopefully work it out :) x