Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Trains are inspiring. Don't ask me why, they just are!
When I'm on a train, ideas just come to me! Maybe it's because you have so much time to just think, watch, listen and look. (I know looking and watching seem the same thing but, believe me, they are really different!).
When J.K. Rowling is on train she happens to create childhoods for a whole generation and more! She first had the idea of Harry Potter when she was on a train.
So I like trains. I get ideas on trains. So does J.K. Rowling. I like being like J.K. Rowling!
So anyways...while on my 5 hour train journey to Glasgow yesterday, I created games and food and plants and bits and bobs that will hopefully add depth to everything.
Now that I have a relatively quite week in Glasgow, I'm going to try and write a lot more of my book. I haven't got as far as I hoped I would!
M. x

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