Friday, 24 August 2012

Is The Real Struggle Broken?

I sat down with my Little Brother yesterday and we did a few hours' proper work on chapter four. I think we've pretty much got through it!
Okay, so it needs patching up and I haven't actually written the middle bit yet but I know exactly what to write!
It's just such a dull chapter to write! I think I need to get used to writing about people and relationships rather than what is actually happening at every second of every moment. Barely anything happens in this chapter - that is why I was finding it hard to write!
So I made the simple decision to write little about what is actually happening and, instead, write about the people, the place and the past!
At last, I may have got through this horrible writers' block!
I say 'may have' because I haven't started chapter five yet and that might be as difficult!
Positivism, I say to myself. Positivism is key.
Before yesterday, I had just sat down for a few hours each day doing epic research into mythologies and myths and legends and folk stories and so on. My novel will be piled up to the roof with ancient stories! Okay, it won't be dominated by them but it will have the hints of them all around! :)
M. x

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