Monday, 20 August 2012

A Real Struggle

I would love to say that chapter four is coming along nicely but it is, in fact, the exact opposite!
Ben and I are hugely struggling! We know what is meant to happen in the chapter, but we really don't know what to write, how to make it interesting and how to introduce the reader to the new characters!
I think we need to add depth to the whole situation we have got our main character into.
She is currently living with a whole new society and culture to her own.
We could add a religion?
I need to work on the character's personalities!
I need to understand the culture more and make it far more detailed.
At the moment, I hardly know what it would be like for her there so, all in all, chapter four is a while away!
We are really struggling with this and are desperate to get this chapter done and dusted!
It is a slow chapter - it's not as exciting as the first 3 because we think there has to be a bit of downtime after such an adventure.
Well. We shall see how it goes! I worry that I won't have enough time to write the whole book but, then again, I have about 13 months left!
I am currently doing some research into myths, legends, folk stories and mysteries which could influence me in some way. I am also considering using some directly.
Wish me luck in the writing of the next chapter!
This is what they call writer's block, I guess. Yes. It's the epitome of writers block!
M. x
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