Friday, 31 August 2012

Chapter Six

I've decided I don't care how many people are listening. This blog is for me to look at how far I have come with the novel. I want to be able to have a database of the stepping stones I've made.
So last Saturday, I packed to go to Italy the next day. (We went for 5 days)

That night, after packing, I had a sudden idea of how to start chapter six! It was strange - I'm so used to doing it in order that I didn't think jazzing it up would do anything! In fact, I thought jazzing it up would simply make the whole process more complicated!
But it turns out that it that provided me with a future, so that I'm not making up my character's tomorrows as I go. There is an aim now and everything that happens all has to lead up to this chapter six that I've just written (which might turn into chapter seven).

I just couldn't stop writing! It all flowed so naturally and I somehow just knew what to write!
So Chapter six is very much on it's way!
It usually takes me a few days or a few very focused hours to get my chapter done for others to see and edit etc. But this took 20 mins to get down onto word! At first, I just had the perfect beginning to it in my head and from there, it all just flowed from my fingertips and wouldn't stop!
When I finished the chapter it killed me that I knew I had to stop. I was meant to be getting up at 3am the next morning to get to the airport in time, so I had to get some sleep. I wanted to sit up all night and just write, write, write.
And, of course, because these things are rare, I had lost the manic urge to write the next morning. Perhaps it was because I had only got 3 1/2 hours sleep or perhaps it was because I had just told myself and everything else around me to switch off for the 3 1/2 hours of sleep-time I had given myself.
I didn't feel like I'd had any sleep at all anyway so I kind of regret not staying up until I had to leave. I could have completed another few chapters!
Oh well. These things come again.
M. x
P. S. Chapter four is nearly ready for editing :)

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