Friday, 5 October 2012

Ugh, Characters!

They are letting me down, somewhat. I've had a look over what I've written so far and I've decided it's just not good enough. There's so much more I need to do! My characters are one-dimensional, things just aren't clear enough and....and...
Okay yeah I know. It's my first draft. But this is my nature. I'm picky and perfectionist with my writing. It's annoying but I can't just leave it on the floor and move on. It's not me.
So I apologise if there's not much to update at the mo. I am having character problems.
I have given them a star sign each, to make them a little deeper. I have created little portfolio things for them each (or the ones I've created so far!) on my cute little note cards.
The problem is...I'm kinda making up a lot as I go which is dangerous. I need to plan in detail. That, also, it part of my nature. So excuse me while I rewind and edit and shizzle.
This book is going to take longer than I ever thought...
M. x


  1. Hi again, I wouldn't worry about your 1 dimensional characters, because it seemed to work perfectly fine for Stephie Meyer and her Twilight Saga, and hey, they even made a movie out of it (or five)
    Anyways, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!
    Maisie :D

    1. Thanks! Yeah okay I get what you mean - the whole of the Twilight Saga contains simplistic characters. I'm definitely trying to aim for something higher than that standard :D
      I sat in a cafe for two hours the other day just making character note-cards...and now I've got to apply them to the actual book :S This is all a lot harder than originally planned...
      M. x