Saturday, 20 October 2012

Ben is here!

Hey people,
remember my co-author Ben? He's here to talk to you :D

Hey peoples,
writing a story isn't all about words; I've got a file bigger than I can carry full of pictures and random ideas! Every day I sit down and draw
and draw
and draw
and draw
and then I have lunch
and then...
I draw
and draw

you get the picture...(PUN ALERT!)

We now have sketches from some clans we recently made up, almost every main character, and settings. Every day M comes round, we make different names for characters as well as carrying on with writing the story.
We've now planned out about twelve chapters, many of which are written (but not finished). At the moment, it feels like nothing's ever going to be finished!
M is round today, we're working on deepening the plot...what ever that means...You would have thought that after doing English A Level she would be able to explain her thoughts more clearly! But no! She doesn't make sense. At All.

"Let's lengthen the plot so that we can think in depth about the character's initial thoughts"
"We need this setting to contrast the abrupt nature of this character to show how out of place she is in accordance with the circles of nature"
See what I mean?
Right....I say....
I pretend I understand and carry on drawing.
Let's hope it gets a little bit easier....
Ben. :)

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