Friday, 12 October 2012


I'm sorry I've been away for a while! But, in truth, nothing much has happened in my life recently. The book is trudging a long instead of sprinting which I originally hope it would! I just don't understand! When I started it, it seemed like so much fun creating this new realm and all! But it seems a little silly now. I kind of feel childish when I write it! This is my boring adult side trying to take over and rule, I know, so I must fight it! It's always good to be slightly childish! I do suddenly feel like an adult though. I've had a year and a 1/4 of being an adult and only now am I feeling the change. Well. Everyone grows at different speeds!
Anyways, recently I've been on this website called Wattpad:
Wattpad is this amazing site that lets you publish what ever you've written for free and get it known to the other Wattpadders. And there are A LOT of Wattpadders! (I have the link to my Wattpad page on this edge of this page. It's a small orange box).
So I've been publishing my stuff on there. (There are three (four?) chapters of Homeland - yes! The Fantasy Novel documented in this blog - on there! Though they will probably be changed a lot in the future as new ideas are forming...)
Anywho, in my searches for good things to read on Wattpad (which, I admit, can be quite daunting with all that 1 Directions fan fics out there) I have come across some real jems!
If you could possibly take the time out of your wonderful day, please take a look at this:
It's up for a special Wattpad award and deserves to win!
It is incredibly well written, is only 4 pages long and really makes you think about the subtle and strange occurrences that happen throughout life. It's lovely. I've read it quite a few times now!
I've also found someones poetry that I've totally fallen for. They are written so well!
especially this one!:

Anyways, there's a lot of my stuff on my page as well so do take a look if you really can be assed. And if you can, I will love you forever! :) x
And novel news: I have decided to use more than one point of view. So the chapters will be skipping to different people occasionally - just to jazz it up a little and leave some cliffhangers! (This is the reason why I haven't published more on Wattpad. I know there is more to come that will change what has been already written).
M. x

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