Thursday, 25 October 2012

2nd Prize In A Short Story Contest!

I am really happy to announce that I came 2nd place in the Wattpad short story contest (I posted the story up on here a few weeks ago).
It makes me feel like I might actually be able to get somewhere with my writing!
I've been compiling short stories for a while, most of which I originally wrote on here, and I'm planning to try and publish a group of 10 short stories :)
I think I have 5 so far...
While Wattpadding and blogging and writing short stories (and poems - I have put a group of 10 into a competition!), I have also been writing Homeland. (HA! I just miss-typed it by accident and it came out at gnomeland! Made me chuckle...I could actually make something out of that! A whole planet of gnomes with a king gnome called gnomlet and a princes gnome called gnomalessa...okay...maybe I'm getting a bit carried away...)
So Ben and I have now planned the 3 books (the first in meticulous detail - almost chapter by chapter...the others are just general outlines and plots). I want everything to be perfectly planned before we publish and, I know that's a while off, but it's something important we have to think about now because planning 3 books in meticulous detail doesn't exactly happen overnight, let-alone seven! (I bow down to you J.K. Rowling!)
So the planning still goes on.
And I know it's probably boring for you to read about planning but hey, that's what happens when someone writes a book!
So far, we have written up to 9 chapters.
Recently, we have been going back to old chapters and adding in different POV's - like Shalo's Mayor and a mysterious bird that I cannot spill the details about...
Finally, the story seems to be getting a bit more epic! I really want it to be epic (like Potter or LOTR) because I set myself ridiculously high goals (like a typical Virgo!).
And so it will be epic and it is finally in view of almost epicness...there is always room for improvement though!
M. x

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