Thursday, 20 December 2012

'Still' Is A Very Boring Word...

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while!
Okay...I know...I keep saying that!
Well here I am now.
I am still...yes, still...editing the printed third...I think I'm up to Chapter 6/12.
It is actually really hard to edit it! It takes ages and a lot of focus and I have been really busy lately and haven't really found the time for it...especially because I'm writing another book at the same time!
My little brother is a little annoyed that I am but I think it's nice to have a distraction from this story. The other book couldn't be more different to this one so it does refresh my brain a bit to be able to concentrate on them both.
I've editing two chapters out of forty for the other novel but they're not very good yet. I'm only really editing that one when I really feel like it, whereas I'm editing Homeland whenever I can!
Today I sat in Costa thinking up the next chapters I need to write. I'm now thinking about how to start the second part of the novel. Should I carry on to Chapter Thirteen or should I start again with Chapter 1? Opinions please!
Also, should I called them 'Chapter 1, 2, 3' etc, or should I just number them with Roman Numerals?
Hmm...these are those annoying little things I really need to think about!

Okay, so while thinking about the novel and where to go next, I've come up with new ideas here and there.

- I want a fairy called Simkin. Don't know just seems to fit.
- The bad guy is now called Nemico...instead of just 'Bad Guy'...!
- I have created three cheeky imps called Bish, Bash and Bosh

Well, please tell me your thoughts!
M. x

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