Monday, 26 November 2012

What A Cheat!

Have you heard of the Inheritance fantasy series?
You know...
Eragon and the other books that nobody can ever remember the titles of?

Yeah, you probably recognise it...from somewhere in the back of your mind...

Well, it doesn't really matter if you've never heard of it because, in my opinion, it doesn't even deserve to be published.
Other than the fact that it needs A LOT of editing to make it clearer, more believable and to make it less boring, it shouldn't be a published book because Christopher Paolini cheated!
Not every author's parents OWN a publishing company!
Yeah, that's right! That was how this book was published in the first place! 
I call that a damn-right cheater.
He published this book in his parent's company, advertised it like crazy and THEN got taken up by some other publishing firm.
He could have written a load of bollocks  - and his parents would still have published him! They're his parents! This book doesn't deserve the title "published".
So yeah, you could say he just got lucky....but so did J.K. Rowling...and her parents weren't publishers!
A proper published book is something that has been slaved over and has been sent to millions of publishers because the author was desperate for their dream to come true.
A proper published book is a real success.
People were like: "WOW! This book, Eragaon, was written by a sixteen year old!"
With a bit of literary intelligence - which is actually very common - any 16 year old could have written this!
But not any 16 year old could have published it.
So he cheated. 
In my eyes, his book would only be properly published if he had gone to a totally different publishing company to his parents' in the first place.
He would have then got some HELP from his parents, which anyone may have from any person, (instead of down-right shitty cheating!) and his book would be something to look up to.
He would also have got a decent editor that way instead of some kiss-ass from his parent's company who was afraid of upsetting their employer's kid and being fired.

So yeah. This is an okay read for an unpublished book. 
It's actually quite boring...
M. x

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