Sunday, 16 September 2012

Super Speedy New Era

We've reached a new era in our writing!
My older brother, C, has been down for the weekend and has helped Ben and I set up a dropbox account which means that, via the internet, we can ;always share our files on the novel!
Isn't that cool! I think it is...
So when ever Ben or I make an edit of anything or add anything to the folder we share on dropbox, we both see it (a little bubble comes up on our computers saying what has been changed).
This means that we can work on seperate bits when ever we like instead of having to write it together or having to negotiate who should write what.
So when ever either of us have some sort of inspiration to write something, we can write what ever we like without fear that the other is writing the same bit.
Okay so that's not entirely true. We may both have some odd inspiration to do the same thing just a bit differently, so in that case, we'd have to edit them together but hey-ho, you get the picture.
From now on, everything is so much easier and hopefully that means things we be done far quicker.
It means that I don't have to manually email any updates I make for him to print out or read - he'll have every little detail I ever make!
Brill, huh! I think it is...
We have just finished writing chapter five which will soon be ready for others to edit :D
We then need to do chapter six and seven and huge section will finally be completed!
I have already written (okay so they're very rough) chapter 8 and 9...and I know exactly what happens in chapter 10...basically, everything takes a turn and changes.
We'll soon be moving onto a different section of the novel entirely!
And with the help of dropbox, that may get here even sooner :D
M. x
P.S. type dropbox into google if you're interested. It's a place to safely share files and to back up any files in your documents. x

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