Monday, 10 September 2012

My Double

On BBC Breakfast yesterday morning, there was a news item about a girl called Abigail Gibbs.
She's 18, about to go to university, has written a fantasy novel, adores JK Rowling, is a huge Harry Potter fan, prefers to write at night...
Ding Ding Ding!
She is my double!
Okay, so she's my double...just a bit in the future (hopefully!)
She's heading to Oxford - that's the only difference between us!
She's quirky and a bit odd like me, she loves to read and write (obviously)...
We are exactly the same!
I've tried to get in contact with her via Facebook and Twitter but have no reply yet...
I've asked her for tips about publishing and told her I'm just interested in getting in contact, seeing as we're so similar!
I wonder - if I knew her as a person (rather than a far off media figure), would we stick like glue or would the glue instantly dry out?
I guess it depends on whether our personalities work together or not...
Here is her recently published book if you're interested:

Here is an interview with her:

I wish her all the luck in the world!

Back to my novel:
Recently, I've been jumping around with the chapters - I've written half of chapter 5 and chapter 8 and 9 (though they may be chapter 7 and 9...or 8 and 10... it's getting rather complicated!)
Basically, I'm filling in all the little gaps for this section of the story.

Sneak Peak:

“You’re here to show the skills you’ve got and any potential abilities. You’ll be judged on each of them and will be given a job most fitting to you.” Elayna explained.
“Come with me?” Malina pleaded.
“I can’t, sorry. I have my own things to do. Good Luck” Elayna said.
Malina looked at her horror. What was she supposed to do? The field swarmed with people  - all of
them seemed twice her height. She turned to look at Elayna but found herself engulfed in a
crowd of tall gangly Boroughgroves. Elayna was nowhere to be seen. She took a deep breath in and
followed the crowd, hoping she was going the right way.
“Collect your timetables here!” A voice boomed. Malina stood on tiptoes to try and find the source of the voice but the Boroughgroves towered so high that she couldn’t even see over their shoulders! She timidly made her way through the crowd of giants towards the voice. A Boroughgrove stood behind a desk of towering piles of paper. His silver hair was plaited down to his hips. He thrust a piece of paper into her hand, eyeing her up and down with a quizzical look.

This is a small section from chapter 5 - where things start to change again. I may give another sneak peak later on when things are more formed!

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